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Proper lighting makes all work easier and changes the mood of a space. Without proper lighting, not only your environment but also the interiors you have designed look dull and uninviting. Lack of lighting affects the ambience and also the perceived size of the room.

Lighting Design Factors

Lighting Design Layers

Most lighting designers think in terms of three main lighting categories:

These are called “general” or “ambient” because they are simply used to make an interior space visible.

Task lighting is directed lighting toward a specific area to give more detail to objects and provide safe passage.

Accent lighting is used to “accentuate” features and add visual interest to an object or area.

Lighting Fixture Types

It can be useful to sort lighting fixture types into a couple main categories to make your lighting design a little easier:

Surface-mounted fixtures are visible and are usually flush against the ceiling or wall.

Pendant fixtures hang down from the ceiling by a cord, cable, or chain. They are usually found in dining rooms and kitchens

Recessed lighting is hidden away, usually in a ceiling cavity, so you can’t see the light source directly.

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