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How Table Fan works

Table fan works with the help of an electric motor. A motor consists of coil of wire wrapped around a metal center and when electricity is passed through this, it produces rotational motion and a hub/cap connects the motor with the metallic/plastic blade which circulates the air around, these blades are shaped on an angle which helps to carry air from one point to another. The control box contains four switches three to control speed and one to turn the fan on or off. The extendable pole can be used to increase or decrease the height of the fan.

Component Includes in Table Fan

  • Guard (rear and front grill) it is a metal netting used to protect fan blades from any physical contact this protects the fan from any damage as well as the user.
  • Motor it is the heart of the fan as it converts the applied electrical energy into mechanical output energy.
  • Blade these are the paddle shaped objects connected to the motor which spins and creates airflow
  • Hub/cap it is a device which connects the fan blade with the motor.
  • Extension pole this is the component that makes stand fan special, it allows the user to adjust the height of the fan according to their preference.
  • Head support frame this component gives the stand fan its feature of tilting its head up or down.
  • Switch box/ control box this is the component which contains the electric circuit and switches which controls the speed of the fan as well as turn it on or off.

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