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A copper strip or GI Strip of minimum cross-section 25 mm × 1.6 mm is buried horizontally inside the Soil or ground, For this purpose around conductor can also be used and at that case the minimum cross-sectional area for copper conductor would be 3 mm² and for galvanized iron conductor it would be 6 mm². The buried portion of the earthing electrode that is either script or round conductor should be long enough to provide required minimum resistance to the earth path. Generally the length of the conductor inside the ground is maintained more than 15 m. The buried earthing conductor should be widely distributed as possible preferably in a single straight trench or in a circular trench or in a number of trenches radiating from a point. This type of earthing is mainly used in rocky area where excavation work is quite difficult.

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Strip or wire earthing. Plate Earthing. In this type of earthing, a plate made up of galvanized iron or copper is buried vertically at a depth not less than 3m from the ground level.

  • Ensures the safety of electrical appliances and devices from the excessive amount of electric current.
  • Helps in the flow of electric current directly inside the ground.
  • Keeps the electric appliance safe from the damage.
  • It protects building breakdown from the lightning.

Specifications: Size: 25×6 mm 1 kg 200 gm per meter. Thickness: 0.2 mm-3.5 mm. Material: Steel.

Diameter of Rod (mm) 17.22 mm.
Length of Rod (mtr) 2mtr and 3mtr

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