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Cu Bonded Lightning Arrester Enhanced Lightning Protection

Protect Your Assets with Lightning arresters

Paxton has created the -First-ever GEL Earthing, an excellent product that replaces traditional earthing methods. After decades of expertise and the backing of nearly 13-14 years of R & D, we have evolved environment-friendly solutions and innovative cost-effectiveness for your grounding requirements under the registered trademark Paxton (Gel Earthing Electrode). We are the manufacturer of unrivaled earthing products. Our product replaces the traditional earthing system method.

Benefits of using our lightning arresters:

Every industry has a main office with much vulnerable equipment that must be protected from natural causes and others. One of the possible sources of this risk is a weather phenomenon known as lightning. The main reason for installing our lightning arresters on buildings is to protect them from lightning strikes. Our lightning arresters or rods intercept this voltage and direct it safely into the ground through a wire.

Air terminals, finials, and strike termination devices are all names for lightning arrestors. While it does not reduce the likelihood of a building being struck by lightning, it does provide a direct path to the ground, protecting the structure from lightning-caused fires, explosions, and electrical surges.

Reasons to choose our lightning arrester:

  • Our Lightning arrester rods, lightning conductors, or surge arresters are metal rods that can be installed on a structure to protect it from lightning strikes.
  • We shield structures or substations from lightning strikes and direct abnormally high voltages to the ground, which are made of copper and brass alloys that are good conductors of electricity and have very high ground coverage (up to 60 meters.).
  • Our arresters are designed and developed following the UL (Underwriters Laboratories) standards.

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